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Oct 14, 2012 5:40am EDT
's a great young group. lead or leave. college students. young people who don't want us to spend their money. i took the pledge we'd cut it out. >> thank you. we have a question here. nation's infrastructure q: yes, i would like to get a response from all three gentlemen, and the question is: what are your plans to improve the physical infrastructure of our nation, which includes the water system, the sewer system, our transportation systems, etc. thank you. >> the cities, who's going to fix the cities and how? >> be glad to take a shot at it. >> please. >> i'm not sure that -- and i can understand if you haven't seen this because there's been a lot of hue and cry -- we passed, this year, the most farthest-looking transportation bill in the history of this country, since eisenhower started the interstate highways, $150 billion for improving the infrastructure. that happened when i was president and so i'm very proud of the way that came about and i think it's a very, very good beginning. like mr. perot, i'm concerned about the deficits, and $150 billion is a lot of money but it's awful hard
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1